The Capital Country Crew

Lee Michaels

Lee gets your morning started at 6:00A. Lee is also host of the popular shows, the 80s at 8a and 90s at 9a, presented by Rico Auto Complex. Tune in Monday through Friday. 

About Lee Michaels:
Favorite Food? 

Favorite Artist?

Pet Peeves? 

Radio Do Over? 

What song/album on your iPod right now? 



Marcia is a 2018 NMBA Excellence in Broadcasting award winning DJ. Catch her on the air from 10a to 2p, Mon - Fri. Marcia plays a mix of today's best country music and hosts the popular specialty shows, such as the Tuesday New Music Hour at 11a and the All Request Lunch hour at 12p every Monday through Friday. 

About Marcia:

Favorite Food?  Steak and Seafood. I can eat anything as long as there is a steak with it...enchiladas, shrimp, or bake potatoes.

Favorite Artist?  Adam Levine, I even have him as my computer backdrop for years. LOL!

Pet Peeves? Pickles on my hamburger. Burping. Crying kids. 

Radio Do Over? My Bone Thugs and Harmony interview and I was so nervous.

What song/album on your iPod right now? Morgan Wallen "If I Know Me" Album.



Yeah Buddy! Nate is a 2018 NMBA Excellence in Broadcasting award winning DJ and your Afternoon Drive DJ. Hear Nate on the air every weekday from 2p to 6p. Tune in for the newest show, "Turn It Up! Texas" every Thursday afternoon at 3p. Nate is also the Music Director, so you know, he plays all your favorite country music from the 90s to today's hits. 

About Nate: 

Favorite Food?  BBQ

Favorite Artist?  Bruce Springsteen

Pet Peeves? Loud eaters. Tardiness. When people put stickers on their cars and its crooked.  

Radio Do Over? When I played George Straits' Love Without End Amen for a listener and she texted me back saying, "It's a nice song but I'm a single mom." I'd play a different song.

What song/album on your iPod right now? Kip Moore "Slow Heart" Album


The Duke

Joining the Capital Country line up is The Duke, who is on the air in the evenings from 6p - 10p and also on Saturday afternoons from 12p-6p. 

About The Duke:
Favorite Food? 

Favorite Artist?

Pet Peeves? 

Radio Do Over? 

What song/album on your iPod right now? 



Elisha is our assistant. She is new to radio and has already made a mark on Capital Country. Her wonderful personality is a great addition to the Capital Country Crew! 

About Elisha:

Favorite Food? Spaghetti with Garlic Bread. On the road food; Panda Express or McDonald's.  

Favorite Artist? Old Dominion "No such thing as a broken heart." 

Pet Peeves? Not being on time! Not saying PLEASE or Thank you. AND when people park too close to you at a Rodeo with a loud GENERATOR!!!

Radio Do Over? Forgetting my OWN liner that i did and getting questioned about it on the air, OY!!! **Rookie mistake**

What song/album on your iPod right now? What's an iPod? LOL just kidding. Well I don't own an iPod but Sugarland "Love on the inside" Album. Love all the songs on the album!  


Sales Department



Stewart - Do you want to hear your business message on the air? Call Sugar Bear in the Sales Department! Whether you want commercials, call-ins, remote broadcasts, or you simply want to be heard, call Stewart today (928)871-3544.

Stan the Man

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Our Traffic Director is ready to assist you with any questions regarding your ad placement or scheduling. Call (928)871-3535. 

Ericson, aka: Mr. October

Joining the Sales Team is Ericson, also known as Mr. October. Give Ericson a call and he will help you with your marketing campaign. Need a remote broadcast? or assistance creating an awesome promotion? Ericson gots ya! Call (928)871-3541 or email